How to Download

Please note that most mobile devices such as phones and ipads, may not download through a link or might have technical issues.

Therefore, in order to download the purchased product safely, please use  a laptop or PC.

All products are sent using a compressed ZIP file, hence you will have to unzip them before using.

Purchased a product? please follow these steps to download the files:

  1. Right after placing the order and completing the payment, you will reach the “Order received” page.
  2. On the”Order received” page, under the “Downloads” section, please click the product link to start the downloading process.
  3. In addition, you will receive an invoice/order confirmation via email that will contain a clickable link to download the files. You can also download the files by clicking the product link in this email.
  4. If you do not see the email in a few minutes, check your “spam” folder. Make sure to mark any legitimate email as Not Spam to receive the emails in your main folder next time.
  5. After the file is downloaded, unzip the product’s ZIP file. If you can’t find the file once it’s downloaded, try looking in Downloads under “My Computer” or search the title of the file on your computer search section for where it could be hiding.

Download links always have an unlimited lifetime and number of downloads.

If you have any downloading problems please contact us – Click here.

How to download freebies?

To download a free product, please subscribe to our website here. This will unlock all the free files on our website and subscribe you to our email list. You can unsubscribe at any time. Once you are logged in, go to the free product page which you want to download, and click the “download” button.